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Engineering Services

Our team has an established industry leading track-record of excellence in delivering on complex and enterprise-level healthcare projects. Our work in the commercial sector as well as at HHS, NIH and the FDA and other agencies on Special Purpose Interagency Projects (SPIPs) has documented exceptional past performance measures as prime contractors on open bid contracts and time-critical commercial initiatives.

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Research & Development

Beyond Digital Health offers comprehensive: Risk Assessment, Penetration Testing, PCI Compliance, ISO Compliance and HIPAA Compliance. We carefully analyze the potential damage unchecked risks could cost your business and we simulate real-life attacks to identify and secure vulnerabilities well before a hacker exploits them. We are experts in HIPAA compliance complex medical data regulations and requirements and offer endpoint, network, and data security offerings.

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Regulatory & Security

Our team has had a long track record of offering complex project management support in the healthcare industry. Our work at the NIH and with other agencies on Special Purpose Interagency Projects (SPIPs) [e.g. FDA Regulatory Support] has allowed us to establish exceptional past performance measures as a prime contractor on open bid contracts

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Systems Integration

Extensive experience in solving complex systems integration problems. We provide enterprise solutions for both software and hardware integration challenges. With experience integrating disparate clinical, pharmaceutical, laboratory, and security systems we have the depth of experience that matters.

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Clinical Systems

Our team has had a long track record of offering complex project management support in the healthcare industry. All our clinical system deployments are HIPAA and HITRUST CSF compliant and fully support HL7-FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) Specification. Our work with leading healthcare institutions around the country have led to over 60,000 deployments of our mobile and EHR solutions.

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Content Management Systems

We have developed multinational enterprise level content management solutions used on both sides of the Atlantic. Responsible for end-to-end asset management in the pharmaceutical space, spanning from print publications through to websites, mobile apps, and third party clinical support access points and APIs.

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Medical Imaging

Our team at Beyond Digital Health is responsible for some of the most complex interdisciplinary imaging projects in HHS, FDA, NIH and NLM history. Contracted to the Office of High Performance Computing and Communications we created the NIH’s largest curated and validated high precision image collection. To date this content has been served more than 3 billion times through our proprietary APIs. Specifications and reference protocols developed for the FDA are improving the lives of millions.